Hello Silabs..

Re: SI4735 and EVK board...

1.)   Does the SI4735-D60 variant still support SPI control?   

       [The -D60 datasheet only discusses I2C  & '3-wire',   while datasheet for earlier  Si4735-C40
       variant mentions all *three* control methods:  I2C, SPI and 3-wire. ]

2.)   For the SI4735 EVK baseboard   ("SI47xx BB Rev1.5"),    the RCLK selection jumper header (J52)   
        is missing / unstuffed  (along with J57, "DISABLE INT RCLK").   

        Board apparently uses the 32.768Hz  osc (X1) as default.   And J52 pads show the center pad is
        shorted to  "INT_RCLK"....  
        ...So if I want to use external RCLK source via J4 SMA   ("Ext RCLK"),   do I have to cut any PCB traces/foil??

Thank you,
Bill Wiese
San Jose CA

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