I just purchased the Silcon Labs SI4735-D60-EVB EVALUATION Board for the SI4735 from Symmetry Electronics. I will be using the SI4735-D60-EVB mainly for flashing the Si4735.

I will be making my own breakout board and would like a wiring diagram for the "Si4735 Daughter Board".

If you have a link to the Si4735 daughter board wiring diagram it would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hello,

    Please see attached schematic of Si473x_D60 daughter.

    You need to do following wiring:

    1, VDD and VIO(usually they are 3.3VDC), and they can be combined into one;

    2, RSTB and SENB;

    3, I2C including SCLK and SDIO;

    4, There is a crystal of 32.768KHz on the daughter card, so you don't need to provide RCLK signal, just connect J27 and J28;

    4, Audio outputs of ROUT and LOUT.




    Mingliang Yang