I want to upgrade an existing Si4777-A20 based AM / FM design to include DAB+ and consider using a Si4685-A10.


For some features the following is required:

a) I/Q baseband data output (for external DRM and DRM+ decoding)

b) FM MPX signal output (for external VICS and DARC decoding)



Si4777-A20 offered I/Q baseband data output and FM MPX output:


Does Si4685-A10 also offer these or is there another member of the Si468x series which offers these outputs?



I'd like to avoid a solution with 2 receiver chips (Si4777 for AM / FM and Si468x for DAB).


Best regards,


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  • Hi Andi,


    No,  we dont support I/Q baseband output or MPX out on Si468x product family.


    Can you kindly let me know your target application and the MP date?


    What co-processor are you using for DRM/DRM+ decoding?




  • Dear Abhijit,


    The target application will be a high-performance radio receiver, targeted to Europe, with FM, AM, DAB+ and DRM(+). Application will be non-automotive.


    Development and first prototype / sample assembly is planned for 2016.

    MP date is expected to be in 2017.


    Best regards,


  • Dear support,


    As the radio receiver ICs Si4770-A20-GM/R and Si4777-A20-GM/R have recently been discontinued with a Last Order Date already in January 2018 (EOL Change Notice #2017-07-13-99: 17071399 Si4770-A20-GM and SI4777-A20-GM EOL), I kindly request an update on this topic.


    Best regards,