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Meet our August member of the month: erikm



Q: Congrats on becoming our featured member of the month! Can you introduce yourself to our community members?

I am Danish and have lived in the US for 35+ years. I got here on a 1 month contract that ended up lasting 3 years. in the meantime I met my wife and got married. I started out as a specialist in OCR, that became a commodity, then I migrated to COM (microfiche), that became obsolete with the event of online. Well, all the above involved embedded computing so, I took up that mantle and have successfully been all over the place in embedded (medical, industrial, analytical, lighting, signage, ..... . I have, in order not to become a jack of all trades master of none, stayed away from any type of programming the PC. and in my resume state embedded ONLY

Q: You have joined the community since 2003. What brought you to the community (previously 8-bit MCU forum) for the first time?


I had some 8051 devices that needed a speed-up and ‘stumbled over’ the then brand new f120 which was the answer to my wishes. Well, I were one of the first users and through the forum we helped each other getting the thing going with the ‘classic’ IDE.

Q: You have helped our community members to get their questions answered for many years. What motivates you to help them?
I have received help over the years in the forum and thus see it as an obligation to give help back where I can. Also I just love mentoring.

Q: What advice would you give to someone new to the community?
BE SPECIFIC, describe the problem in detail: state the processor, tools, own board or devboard. NEVER type code into the forum, always use copy and paste.

Q: Thanks for answering the questions. Any final comment?
A few reasons for me looking at SILabs first: Other companies have terminated devices very soon after introduction, SILabs do not. The support from SILabs, while not perfect, it better than most. I still dabble in the 8051s and am glad to see that SILabs do too. They have, (for some apps a great benefit) ARMs with direct mosfet drive (could we have some ‘51s with that too, please).

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  • Great community member and Erik has been active on 8051 forums even before this one existed!