Level 1 – Hit Reset and go Back to 1983
This nifty little project might not have happened if not for a few important events. One happened back in 1983 when Nintendo launched the arcade game, Mario Bros., which, followed by the pseudo-sequel named Super Mario Bros two years later, introduced the world to the iconic sound we hear in this hack. Another event is Silicon Labs’ annual holiday ornament, which Jordan Wills, employee, experienced hacker and maker, was tasked to create.

These two events provided Jordan the inspiration and motivation for a pretty cool project:

Level 2 – Get Creative with PCB

The Mario Coin Ornament is a cube where the PCB features finger joints and see through sections formed as question marks. With some creative soldering, five LEDs in total (where one LED acts as the light for the familiar coin itself which is fitted inside a laser-etched acrylic coin), a large capacitive touch pad and an 8-bit MCU and external EEPROM, the whole thing can be used as a Christmas ornament as well.


Level 3 – Build your own
To learn how to make your own, head over to Jordan’s step-by-step guide.

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