We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.


Meet our June member of the month: baarini




Q: Congrats on becoming our featured member of the month! Can you introduce yourself to our community members?


I am an Electrical Engineer based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I started programming since school days & continued through university. I started to show interest to smart lighting without adding extra cables & wires to control the lights (DALI system is an example) & to make the points "online" & controllable anytime anywhere.


Q: How did you know about the Silicon Labs Community?


Through research over the internet & Silabs dev. kits brochures


Q: What features, products, services would you like to see in the future from Silicon Labs?


- More commercial thermostat can be interfaced with other protocols widely used in the market
- Industrial applications solutions (industries, plants ..)
- Street Lighting control solutions


Q: What advice would you give to someone new to the community?


Community is very rich in subjects & solutions to common problems; just read


Q: Thanks for answering the questions. Any final comment?


I'd like to see in the near future more reference designs supporting EFR32MG SoCs especially HA applications.

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