Joe Brock joined Silicon Labs as Senior Legal Counsel after the Integration Associates acquisition in 2008. In his current role as Director of Legal Affairs on the Corporate and Legal Services team, Brock is responsible for a variety of projects including everything from overseeing the purchasing department to handling contracts and nondisclosure agreements (NDA’s). Last year, Brock led the legal team in handling more than 1,200 NDAs and 700 contracts!



Brock said the unique thing about his position is he gets to “interact with employees in every department, in every office, and at every level throughout Silicon Labs.” Brock’s manager, Nestor Ho, said clients who are used to people saying things can’t be done love Joe because he’s approachable, a great listener, and is very pragmatic when implementing solutions. Calling him a genuine “people person,” Ho said “Joe is the glue that holds the legal team together.”


In true fashion, when asked about his favorite Silicon Labs value, Brock chose ‘Do the Right Thing.’ He said, “It’s in line with my own personal philosophy. I believe that if you treat people with kindness and respect, everything’s gonna be alright.”

A little known fact about Brock that others may not know is he is a skilled woodworker – he even makes guitars (but don’t ask him to play them!). He’s also an avid baseball fan. We asked him where he’d go if he could travel anywhere else in the world and he said although he’s excited about his upcoming trip to Thailand, “I don’t think they have any professional baseball there, so it’s actually distracting me from my real goal.” He continued, “What I would really like to do is go on a worldwide professional baseball tour and visit stadiums in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela and everywhere else where beisbol is played.”

We scored a home run when you came to work at Silicon Labs, Joe Brock. Keep up the great work!


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