We are featuring one of the Silicon Labs Community members who is active or new in the community on a monthly basis to help members connect with each other.



Meet our September member of the month: neal_tommy




Q: Congrats on becoming our featured member of the month! Can you introduce yourself to our community members?


I am a Robotics Engineer living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I've always been interested in engineering, perhaps initially from young days dismantling old VCR players. I'd keep all the parts and try to build things from it. I don't do much engineering work as my day to day career, so my hobby keeps the robotics engineering alive.


Q: How did you know about the Silicon Labs Community?


I bought a Thunderboard Sense, and needed some help, and managed to find lots of answers online in the community. They've been a great help in the building of a project using the Thunderboard Sense Board. 


Q: What features, products, services would you like to see in the future from Silicon Labs?


More hobbyist type development boards that open up much of the software and hardware from a sensor, network and perhaps AI point of view. I know you are doing much of this already as the Thunderboard Sense (and software / resources) are already impressive.


Q: What advice would you give to someone new to the community?


Ask the questions you think are too stupid to ask. The community is vast, experienced and helpful. Yes, we were all newbies once upon a time. There are lots of people out there so more than likely there is someone at the same hurdle you are. 


Q: Thanks for answering the questions. Any final comment?


I'm looking forward to incorporating more Silicon Labs products into my upcoming projects and look forward to seeing the new products as they come out.


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