Hi, community members! 

As I'm sure you can tell, we launched an improved Silicon Labs community experience we are calling The Red Planet. 

But this is more than just a facelift. The community will continue to be a great space for you to ask technical questions, share your ideas, and learn more about our latest solutions; however, we do have some key changes. We now have higher quality search, a product-centric architecture, and improved integration between our technical resource library and the community.

Here are some things to get you started: 

1) Update your profile

2) Review the community guidelines

3) Read about our new ranking and reputation structure

4) Please share your feedback on the new experience. 

Our mission is to help you build something great, and we look forward to hearing from you! 

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  • I hope this goes the way of the new coke. 5 clicks to get to a subforum, no thread options, no post options, 
  • Ericm, that's helpful feedback on the number of clicks it takes to get to each discussion forum. It should only take 2 for each board, but even that we can try to reduce. 

    On the no thread options, this was something we debated internally between the "reddit model" of multiple threads and the "stackoverflow" model of just one indent. In the end the stack model one, but we are going to continue to make adjustments. For example, want to have @mentions so it's easier to group conversation, allow comments to be sorted like in stack (oldest, votes, active), etc. 

    On the no post options, can you explain more? 

    Also, I created a thread here to collect all the community feedback if you want to move the conversation to a forum post and not the blog. As the community manager, Nari will be monitoring regularly and feeding the insights back into the community team. 

  • I also miss a "previously wieved" indicator, my memory is not good enough to remember what I have viewed and what not.

    also all the pretty pictures may be a problem, when working at a non-SiLabs site and squeezing a helpful reply in it might create questions.

    thread options, there is no method to move a thread, case in poinr the chineese post in 8-bit

    post options: delete post when your server hanges I sometimes get the same message posted several times

  • have you noticed that traffic is down to 10-20% of what is was with the old layout?
  • I'm with Erik here. The new forum is crap.

    The forum doesn't keep track of which threads and which posts you've read. So If I'm at the 8-bit forum, I just see the handful of threads that are the most recent. There's no way to click on a topic and get the first unread post in that thread.  And it only shows, what, ten topics before you have to click to the next page?

    And now, since each forum is under the umbrella of its topic, instead of going from, say, the 8-bit micro forum to the Simplicity Studio forum, which used to be one click, now it's look at the top of the page, see Development Tools, mouse over it to see a few options, click on "Simplicity Studio" there, and you're not at the SS forum, but rather at the main SS landing page, so you have to click on Forum there.

    Face it, old dial-up BBS systems were easier to navigate than this. Usenet newsreaders were always perfectly fine. There are several good forum platforms out there. (The previous platform used by SiLabs was fine.) But the Silicon Labs forum has taken a huge step backwards!

    I'm also still unsure how something gets into the Knowledge Bases for each product group.

  • After upgrate, I cannot receive email notification about someone replies to the post/discussion that I had participate. It used to work.
  • After you do web/forum update, I get English and Chinese mixed together in my account. However, my language setting is English.


  • Andy wrote "The new forum is crap." .

    that is a shered opinion

    here and at


    there are a total of about 90 comments and NONE positive.


    another issue is that, even forgiving the combersome access, elementary things, like show  posts in  last updated[ order, mark "you have participated", are ignored.


    as a wbsite this is impressive, as a forum it is, at best, cumbersome, totally user unfriedly

  • Hi, erikm 

    Please access forum boards directly from the community main page through the new 'Browse by' section. 

    If you have any other feedback on the community, please post it in the 'General Interest' board. 

    Best regards,