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      • C8051F970 MCU development kit!

        rippelj | 09/245/2014 | 10:25 PM

        I am new to C programming and also MCU development. I started by reading the information to give me a starting point to learn how to code and make the MCU do what I would need it to do. I ran through all the sample projects and found they were pretty simple to do. They made the MCU work in a different way each time. Once I got the examples to work then I actually tried walking through them with the debugger to see what they did and when. This was a great learning experience as it taught me a little more about how to read the code and understand what was happening. Overall I believe the examples and tutorials were great but I think they could have been a little more in depth and actually had some to walk through and build your own type of examples. Once I started manipulating the LED's and started understanding how to turn the LED's on when I wanted to or have them on until I wanted them off, I was able to continue with working on seeing if the MCU would be capable of doing what I want it to do. I am hoping to continue working with this so that I can create something that will allow me to monitor my newborn baby’s vital signs and set off an alarm if there is an abnormality. I am still working my way and I have picked up some sensors and I have some bread boards that I am working on wiring up and starting to work on the whole picture. I have already burned up quite a few batteries and sensors trying to figure out the power portion of the sensors and how much is needed to trigger then. I want to be able to set the sensors in the vicinity of the baby and it monitor via infrared sensors. If I can do this without the sensors having to physically touch the baby then I think it would be best. I will do my best to keep this blog up to date as I go.