Silicon Labs(亦称“芯科科技”)近期针对旗下的无线和MCU产品发布了许多SDK的更新版本。新版本解决了许多bug问题并带来显著的改善,包含Bluetooth、Thread、Zigbee和MCU的用户皆能受益。以下是详细的SDK更新列表、相关修正内容及下载链接,欢迎参考运用。


  • EmberZNet6.3.0 (

-Zigbee Pro 2017 (R22) compliant stack w/GPPB and SE1.4/GBCSsupport

-Dynamic block request delay support forOTA upgrades

-Sub-GHz only mode support for SE1.4/GBCS

-NVM3 G.A integration

-Gecko Bootloader LZMA decompressionsupport

-IAR EWARM 7.80.4 and GCC 7.2.1 support


  • Thread2.7.0 (

-Thread with Micrium OS Beta support 

-DotDot DTLS security support

-DotDot resource directory and discoverysupport

-DotDot conformance testing support

-IAR EWARM 7.8.4 and GCC 7.2.1 support

-GRL Test Harness support bug fixes


  • Flex SDK (

-Version GA – enhanced support forQFN68 variants of EFR32xG12

-Version GA – RAIL and Connect feature enhancements and  bug fixes

-Version GA – minor meta data changes, no application or stack changes


  • BluetoothSDK (

-+20dBm support and AFH

-Long advertisement packets &additional RF channels 

-Bluetooth + RAIL DMP enhancements 

-BGM13P32 support


  • MCU (

-Gecko LE-USB support on GG11, to complement existing Micrium USB 

-Micrium OpenCAN support for GG11/TG11




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