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Hi Guys I have missed you all very much!

I am sorry I vanished like I did it wasnt intended to be like that, I was having treatment as many of you may know for cancer, I had a stroke despite just being 14 (now) and I have been in hospital for almost 5 months!

My dad was asked to post a message letting you all know, he just couldnt do it................

But I am back, I am still a bit weak but eager to get back into the learning, sorry if this is totally wrong forum but it will take me a while to get back into the swing!

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  • missed you, welcome back, glad you are better

  • Thanks, my memory has taken a hard knock and its like starting back at square one!! But I look forward to getting the soldering iron back out Robot Very Happy

  • I wish you a quick and well recovery.



  • Thanks, I have weakness one side and my mind seems bank when I try and read code. Its putting me off plugging in a board and having a go Robot Sad really stupid I know but I am terrified I wont remember anything.

    I will update simplicity studio in the morning and give it a go................ Reading this back seems really silly!