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Once upon a time, if you ordered samples or paid for parts ordered on the SiLabs web site, you could check the order status and also check your order history. These features have vanished.


I ordered some oscillators a couple of weeks ago. I got the initial "thanks for your order" e-mail, but no follow-up, no hit on my credit card, and there's no way to check the order status.


That "thanks" e-mail came from, so I replied to that email (per the instructions in it) and still have not heard back. I suppose I could call them, but it would be a lot easier if order status and order history were available online.

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  • Hi, @Andy_Peters


    Thanks for your feedback. I have escalated your feedback to our sales team. I will follow up with you as soon as I hear back. 


    Best regards,  

  • @Andy_Peters Sorry for taking so long to get back to you due to the holiday season. 


    Our web team said that it is't possible to do any status checking as this is managed by Mouser. In general, our distributors send a tracking number to a recipient via email once the parts are processed to ship. In your case, however, it seems that they just sent you a confirmation email as you ordered custom oscillators, which takes longer time to process than other products that are already in stock. 


    We contacted Mouser regarding your order status and it seems that it has been taken care of (The first order was delivered and the second order was shipped on 22nd Dec). Please let me know if you have any further questions.