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Hi all,


Ordered 2 varieties of the Si5351 clock generator ICs from Mouser - not sure which one we will be using in our application, so I just got 10 of each for evaluation.


The part number Si5351B-B-GM (as on the invoice and anti-static bag) is marked on the component:





The part number Si5351C-B-GM (as on the invoice and anti-static bag) is marked on the component:





Apart from the last character of the second and third lines, the markings look identical.


Do the "B" and "C" variants really have the markings as above, or has the supplier accidentally sent me two lots of the same device?   The correct part numbers are shown on the invoice and the packaging the components came in.


Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.




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  • Hi,


    You had a also raised a technical support query and I answered to that.


    The top mark on the part for Si5351 does not differentiate between Si5351A/B/C parts.


    The correct OPN is listed in the invoice/package you recieved the samples with.


    There is no supplier error in this case.




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  • Thankyou for the reply and information, I'll just be careful not to mix them up!


    Thanks again,