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the new format is much prettier and a lot less useful.  A typical result of marketing rather than technical approach

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  •  some specifics

    1) no big deal, but ebery user I can think of will immediatel click on forum listings in the new 'start screen'

    2) a big deal, i the individual subfora you caould rapidly scan for new posts, now you have to search through 'uninteresting' numbers

    3) no big deal, but we used to se most fora on one screen, now a lt of scroll is required

  • Also, the Silicon Labs subforum is totally screwed up

  • I totally agree. This is not progress, but regression. I tried to read the forum on my small netbook and it was pretty unworkable. And I already had a hard time distinguishing bold subjects from not-bold ones to see which had unread messages, but the new forum seems to have nothing at all. And the icons are all grey as well.


    If it is your intention to scare off active participants, this is the way to go.



  • also,


    I recalled my previous concern for the people in Farawayistan and did a test on my old XP machine and it is waaaay slower that the previous

  • My netbook runs on XP and I experience no speed difference.

  • I also think that the new style is... not good? Bad? Horrible?!?


    Would have been nice if they asked some forum members if they want to try a 'beta' or something like that, instead I visited the forum link and thought OMG...

    The old style was more clear, at least I was able to figure out where new topics have been created (not by looking at the 'new' column, but by bold subforum titles) - seems that 'clear' had to make place for 'app style click orgy'... *sigh*





  • I just realized that, in addition to making it "pretty", none of the suggestions posted in this subforum to make it more useful were implemented.


    this seems to be done by the Gatesian mantra "we know better than you what you want"

  • Wish this wasn't my first post every on the forum but thanks for the feedback and we will try and address these for sure and be more inclusive moving foward. All very valid points that many of our internal stakholders across teams didn't consider. On the requests from the past I was trying to search through the posts, it would really help if you can point me to the specific things you think will be most valuable so we can work those in.


    We're putting together a plan to address issues that have come up and I'd like to roll in previous requests where we can and continue to focus. I've already noted what was posted on this thread and we'll setup a quick review of ideas with you and would love to have you be part of the verification process moving forward.




  • Please make the "Silicon Labs Community" breadcrumb point to "Silicon Labs Community:Forum" so it goes back to the full list instead of the pretty looking, but useless front page. On the front page it is totally unclear where I have unread messages so the first thing I have to do is click the ">" to get the full list again.


    On the full list page, I can see the column "New", but I believe it would previously change the subforum name and icon as well. And although it was only bold, which is not clear enough for my taste, it was at least something.


    On the subforum itself it's even worse. There is no column to scan, but one has to find "1 New" between "2 Replies" and "3 Kudos". And again neither the subject nor the icon give any status feedback.


    Further, is there a way to hide the chinese subforum from the full list? I really can't read that and thus it is only in the way for me.

  • the one most important issue is that "I should be interested" (new post, I have participated etc.) should be BLATANTLY OBVIOUS (visible to someone with 20/60 vision at least).


    also reduce the size of the 'sidebars' they are, basically, worthless

  • ... it would be a lot easier to improve on the old and better layout.


    BUT if we are stuck with this then

    reduce whitespace, you scroll yourself to death

    the headers are nice, but do they need to huge?


    again, since this (at least supposedly) is aimed at technical people make it technically beautiful, rather than appearing beautiful.


    MEMO TO MARKETING: I have learned a big fat zero from the various sidebar advertising, but following the various threads i have mentally stored many solutions (read SILabs chip purchases) for later when relevant,

  • I agree, use the old style as a base and optimize on that according to the users feedback.






    PS: I hope in the future someone will develop a forum front-end which allows the user to make a fully custom forum layout, so those problem will fade away - IMHO the SiLabs forum layout has been(!) one of the best layouts I saw, but it seems this will not be the case for the future...

  • I agree with Scotty " the SiLabs forum layout has been(!) one of the best layouts I saw"