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I've struggled over a ERZ32HG dev kit this week, and frankly i'm dissapointed. The promise was being up in and running minutes.   The reality is that theres no useful tutorials, no useful getting started..

How did you experts get started?   


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  • I'm sorry you feel this way.


    We did some big changes on the user interface in the recent months, and not all documentation got updated yet - that's a mistake, I agree, and it's quite high on our todo list.


    But, to be honest, as an embedded software engineer, I never really liked quick start guides. They're always limited, barely shows the capabilities of the part, and never does what I actually want to do. You're up and running in minutes, but you have no idea how to modify it to your needs. In my experience, the best way to learn a platform is to develop something simple for it, based on examples and docs. E.g. send the temperature through wireless and show it on an other board.


    For the EZR family, I can only recommend you the SimpleTRX example, AN888, the emlib/emdrv API. the radio's SPI API and the refmanual (in descending order of importance).