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Is it possible to edit/delete topic that I created?

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  • you cn post 'please delete' and it wll, eventually, disappear

  • Why would you want to delete your post? Do you want the question to disappear once you got your answer? To me the only reason for a post to be deleted is because it was spam or otherwise violated forum rules.


    To be able to edit your post is a right you have to 'earn'. See Community Ranking System and Recognition Program

  • Well, in my case the forum engine has changed my topic title to something different so now the name of the topic has nothing to do with its body:


    So I want to either be able to edit the topic title (preferable) or to delete the topic as long as there are no replies from others.


  • Though I doubt the forum engine did any such thing, I've moved the post away for you.

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