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Hi, Although I am only 13 (ok nearly 14!), I have been using micro's for around 3 years, I always used PIC micro's because that is what my dad mainly used for his work. He has since switched over to Silicon Labs products and I decided to follow, What has really struck me is the difference in attitude towards the forums. At microchip it seems there forum is run mainly by a few long time users, beginners are made to feel stupid and the normal answer to a newbie is RTFM!

Rarely have I ever seen a Microchip employee answer question's, its mostly left upto other users to answer question's, and as I said if your not in the IN GROUP, then your treated pretty harshly. I have never had a question answered on there, and in all cases I was made to feel stupid.

So I wanted to say thank you to everyone that works for Silicon labs and answers question's on the forum, you do a great job and although I am purely a young hobbyist I never feel stupid here by asking a question. There are many companies that could learn some lesson's in customer service from you guy's. So once I am a qualified Engineer would I recommend your products?  Well I am on several 'Electronics forums' and have a good following on my posts and blog, and I already recommend people use your products and will continue to do so.

So why post this?

Because many are quick to say this or that is wrong (including me), but sometimes we forget to tell people when they are doing it right! and your doing it right! So Thank you for all your help and thank you for a forum as helpful and friendly as this




p.s For £5 I can say really nice things lol Robot Very Happy

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  • Thanks so much for the kind words, and you are so welcome! =)