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We're looking into improving the search experience on and have some visual interactions we'd like to get customer feedback on. If you're interested please let me know. We expect this to take between 1 and 1.5 hours.




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  • Ok, I will try to use search and get back to you with the feedback.

    Are we talking about search on silab main website or on this community/forum?

  • sincenosearchacnbeperfect (artificial intelligende is the first, not the second) I o not want to volunteer. However, I saw a poinr in a post that makes me want to say the following:


    if e.g. searching on f321, f32x and f3xx should be included


  • I will help, but can you be explicit about which search? Do you mean the forum threads or the website and products?

  • this is why I do not want to participate in this group.  the answer is "always or sometimes" and a concencus on what to do in a given case is unobtainable

  • Thank you to those that messaged me. We conducted a number of meetings to walk through design concepts and use cases for search interactions so we can select an appropriate provider in December and early January. Before we start implementation in a couple of months we should have more refined mockups that I'll solicit additional feedback for.