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  • Thanks Alan, 


    Great work to you and the team for shepherding the transition to our new community platform.  I look forward to a healthy and vibrant community!!!

  • Hi I am Al (Folknology) and have recently started working with the Energy Micro Gecko series (perhaps that should be SiliconLabs Gecko series now..)  I have worked with a number of Arm based microcontrollers from other vendors in the past along with AVRs and  Xmos XS1 series to name just a few, looking forward to being involved in this community.




  • I'm Matt Dibb, support guru for Ember (now part of the Silicon Labs MCU & Wireless division) since 2004.  I look forward to being able to share my Ember/ZigBee-related knowledge with the community and get the conversations flowing around EM35x/ZigBee development with the same success as the Energy Micro team has done with their products.

  • Hi all!


    I'm not strictly a new member, but I would like to say farewell as an employee of Silicon Labs, and introduce myself as a "Member". 


    I'm leaving Silicon Labs to pursue new adventures and it felt best to create a new user so I can continue contributing here, but not as a Silicon Labs employee.


    My new username will be Andlier.

  • Hi I am LG

    I am 13 and into electronics, I have been a member of various forum for around 2 years. I dont know a great deal and most o my past experience has been with pic micro's, my dad now uses alot of silicon labs stuff at work,so I have decided to switch over and learn 8051 and the efm32. Mostly I 'Borrow' the dev kits from dad's work Robot Very Happy.

    Although dad is an engineer I prefer to learn and ask questions myself, I have a pretty good set up at home so I am looking forward to learning SL kits! I am particularly into radio and I am sitting my intermediate exam soon for amateur radio.

    Sorry in advance for the hundreds of questions I will ask lol





  • Welcome, LG.  Great to see someone starting early with embedded design!    Nice that you have access to the various PIC, C8051, and EFM32 dev tools to start playing around.  Might want to see if he can get some of the wireless transceiver eval boards (Si1080 or Si4463, for example) as well so you can drive a radio from your C8051.



  • There is a 4461-868-PDK dev kit here, is that the kind of thing you are talking about?


    And thanks by the way Robot Very Happy


    I did manage to brick the DK3750 GG board today Robot Sad but lucky for me someone else had already done it, so I found the answer on the forums Robot Very Happy, I grounded the reset pin and that got the Jlink back, then I was able to reflash the board package.

    But was a hairy couple of hours working out how to explain to my dad, was his pride and joy was now a paper weight Robot Very Happy.

    I love forums for that kind of stuff!

    Also all the tech guy's on here seem to really know there stuff! I have been reading the forums alot, stack and stacks of info!

    We have a very old Land rover, and my current project (one of them) is to tap into the CAN and see what I can find Robot Very Happy




    By the way I hope to have my own BLOG soon, focusing on my projects with your boards and chips! I always thought I would stay with pics, but i love these kits, bit of a steep learning curve getting used to new IDE's etc and datasheets, but the dev kits and chips are excellent! I especially like the tool sticks with the plug in daughter cards! great idea and a cheap way to start, I am going to show my tech teacher. Would be great if my School got some of them.

  • Hi,

    I am one of the owners  of a small business in Australia. We have in the last 18 months commissioned and ERP package and have recently purchased an 8000 series barcode scanner to upload data to the ERP package and am looking for some support on how to integrate this scanner into our system.

    I have to say that it is not as easy as I thought. The documentation is very convoluted and I look forward to some assistance.




  • hi

    i am henry hurtado from lime, peru, it is nice to get around a developer community, i am a little old and my carrer is another but never is to late to start learning something that i always wanted to learn; i wish i can find all help and make friends here

    best regards

  • I am Gurunath Kulkarni from TES Electronic solutions , Bangalore