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Hello, i am finishing my diploma thesis but I have problem with Si 4713. 
I connected to TXO output circuit as show schematic on picture here: 

When I tested transmit mode I used default settings and set transmit frequency and power. In this command TX_TUNE_POWER I send data: 
TX_TUNE_POWER, 0x00, 0x00, power, 0x00 

The last value 0x00 is automatic tuning capacitor value. But when I read response via TX_TUNE_STATUS command, response of SI4713 is still 1. If the last argument have value 0x00 or other (1-191), the response of si is still 1. Can you help me? 

I use analog inputs L and R with command POWER_UP and arguments 0x12, 0x50. 

I tested my product with connected audio jack and output from pc. To TXO output SI4713 i connected filter and SMA connector with 75 cm long wire. 

When i tuned on mobile phone transmit frequency and play music on PC, in mobile phone i heard still only noiseRobot Sad 

Where can be a problem? (in ANTCAP value?) or hardware TXO output? What do you think? 

Thank you very much.

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  • Hi pilot205,


    I do not think that the Broadcast team is actively monitoring this forum, and as I see there is no Audio Discussion forum yet (where the Si4713 should belong to). You may want to open this topic under ‘Everything else Silicon Labs’, or contact them directly at