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  • I am surprised no one has commented, perhaps because the forum is mainly used by engineers instead of the young hobbyist like myself.

    Anyway These videos are great! I found them very well done and extremely useful, I like the professional approach and amount of hard work that has gone into the production of the video. I am an avid user of you tube videos in my learning, being only 14 I dont have the access to professors or even a teacher at school that is capable of making a led flash let alone explaining things the way the videos do.

    As a regular user of you tube I have come to accept the poor quality of presentation you normally get! all the "er's and Ums" the disconnected narrative and even very distracting background music that is often used.

    So even if I am the only person on the forum that uses these video's then they have been well worth while!

    You guys have done a great job on them and I like the way the technical information takes priority over the marketing " buy this because its the best " approach often encountered.

    I am sure many hobby types have viewed and gained useful information like myself, its unfortunate that often people who get the most from something give the least feedback! So I guess the fact no one is moaning about the vids means you have got it right.

    I hope there are plans for further ones? I appreciate however that there is alot of work involved to produce videos of this standard. I tried myself to do a couple of instructional videos on a couple of projects I did.......... The results were awful, so I do understand how much effort has gone into them.

    Anyway Thank you and well done from a satisfied viewer and micro beginner


  • If I recommended some tutorial(s) I would include a link in my recommendation Robot Happy

  • The link is in the first post of the thread, But I somehow dont think thats what you meant Robot Very Happy