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We used Mini SAS cable to connect SBC with CP213x. Two type cables are compared. The cheaper type cables randomly throw the error when call SLAB_USB_SPI.CP213x_SetSpiControlByte, while the expensive cable never throw this error. Why?


Thanks in advance.


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  • i think SAS usually mean Serial Attachment SCSI, i don't know what type of cable you are using.
    i guess you mean the USB cable to connect the SBC (single board computer) and the CP2130, do ypu have a photo for the 2 types of cables?
    i don't know HW part well, usually the USB cable could have effect on the SI. some bad cable may violate the spec, for example impedance mismatch, not twisted, no shield.

  • Hi Delu,


    Thank you for your answer.


    The pictures of two cables are attached.


    Could you explain what happened when SPI throws USB_SPI_ERRCODE_CONTROL_TRANSFER_ERROR?





  • @Jiuxiang

    Do you mind tell us how you use the SAS cable, are you trying to connect the SBC and CP21030 with it?

    If yes, not sure if SAS and USB cable is of same characteristics.

    You could download the CP2130 package from here to understand how to use it.