How is the CP2102N different from the other CP210x devices? Should I use it?


The CP2102N is the latest CP210x device that generally meets or exceeds the feature set of all previous CP210x devices. The primary exception is that the CP2102N does not support Baud Rate Aliasing, but it is also more affordable than previous CP210x devices.


For a full list of all the differences between other CP210x products and the CP2102N, refer to AN976:

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  • Hello,
        We wish to use the part CP2102N with USB Battery Charger Detection.
        When we gone through the data sheet we are having some basic doubts regarding the battery charging signals.
        I want you to go through the following and let me know your comments on the same
            1. Will the Battery charging interface be enabled on the chip by default or it needs a driver ?
            2. If I am using a Non standard Wall charger (Only VBUS and GND, No D+/D- lines connected) whether the CP2102N will provide charger enable (CHREN) output?
            3. If I am using a Non standard Wall charger (as mentioned above) which rating will be enabled by default 500mA or 100mA?
            4. Please confirm that charger enable (CHREN) output will be always active for SDP, DCP, and CDP


    Rejeesh S Raj

  • hi,


    There is a KB as below can provide the answer to the questions.