When encountering problems with the installation of the Mac OSX VCP driver, perform the following steps and record the results:

1. Make sure the driver is in the file system at /Library/Extensions/SiLabsUSBDriver.kext
2. Type the following command: kextstat | grep silabs
(If there is no output from this, driver is not installed.)
3. Type the following command: sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/SiLabsUSBDriver.kext
4. Check again to see if the driver is loaded: kextstat | grep silabs.
5. If the driver is still not loaded, type: sudo kextutil /Library/Extensions/SiLabsUSBDriver.kext
and record the error.


If none of these steps resolve the issue, report the results of following these steps to Technical Support here: www.silabs.com/support.

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