Can I program the CPTxxxx devices without using Simplicity Xpress Configurator?


It is possible to program the CPTxxxx devices without using the [Program Device] function of Simplicity Xpress Configurator, however at this time there are no tools or specifications for generating the configuration .hex file other than using the Xpress Configurator GUI.  You must enter your desired device parameters in the Xpress Configurator GUI and then click [Program To Device] in the GUI window (with or without a device connected).  This will generate the desired .hex file in your project folder (see the following image).




Once you have generated the .hex file for the device you can use Simplicity Studio Flash Programmer to program the device with that hex file (using a TS adapter or UDA programmer).  This process is the same as for programming any EFM8 or C8051 device using Flash Programmer.  You do not need to erase the device - simply select the hex file and click [Program].  This procedure might be helpful for streamlining the production programming of a large number of CPT devices.

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