CP2112 is a standard USB HID class device, which is natively supported by most operating systems, meaning a custom driver is not required.


The low-level HID specification for the CP2112 is provided in “AN495: CP2112 Interface Specification.” This document describes all of the basic functions for opening, reading from, writing to, and closing the device, as well as the ROM programming functions.


A Windows DLL that encapsulates the CP2112 HID interface and also adds higher level features, such as read/write timeouts, is provided by Silicon Labs. This is documented in AN496.


For a Linux platform, the user can use the hidapi with the AN495 specification to communicate with the CP2112. Additionally, there is a driver module for CP2112 directly in the Linux kernel starting in version 3.15. More information can be found here:




The CP2112 Software Package for Windows/MAC/Linux can be downloaded from the link below:



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