While using a CP2114-B01 device, I found that the workaround for CP2114-E107 does restore the record feature. The only way record works is if the reset pin is used or the USB is reconnected. 




Resetting the CP2114-B01 is a viable workaround for preventing the failure to resume recording (CP2114-B01 errata CP2114_E107).

The source file for the program is 'Reset_All_CP2114s.cpp'. The attached ZIP file contains the source and header files, and prebuilt EXE/DLL files for Windows 32-bit ('x86') and 64-bit ('x64') systems. These EXE files have been verified on Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines, but these are not tested on MacOS or Linux. Using the existing CP2114 SDK example source code and projects as a guide, it should not be difficult to port this code.

The appropriate EXE program can be run automatically at startup by placing a shortcut in the Windows Startup folder. One must ensure that the two library files are co-located with the executable, or otherwise able to be found.

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