Programming the CPT112S and CPT007B


The device ID for CPT007B is 0x25 and the derivative ID is 0x40. The device ID for CPT112S is 0x25 and the derivative ID is 0x50.


You could get this device information with the inspect command device8051.exe tool like below. The commander tool was located in folder like C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v4\developer\adapter_packs\inspect_c8051


C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v4\developer\adapter_packs\inspect_c8051>device8051.exe -slist


deviceCount = 1
device (TS004A5562) {
  adapterLabel = ToolStick
  SerialNo = TS004A5562
  targetInterface = c2
  Name = CPT112S
  Type = MCU
  Family = 8051
  HardwareID = 0x25
  DerivativeID = 0x50
  HardwareRev = 0x2
  DerivativeRev = 0xa
  Unsupported = 0
  Indeterminate = 0
  Connected = 0
  Locked = 0


  Then you could use the  xPress configuration tool to generate the configuration hex file and flash8051.exe to program the CPT112S by below steps:


  1. Open command line here - C:\SiliconLabs\SimplicityStudio\v4\developer\adapter_packs\c8051\
  2. Make a note of the Toolstick number through Simplicity Studio, In my case, it was TS004A566A
  3. Set the desired configuration for the CPT112S board in Xpress Configurator and generate the hex file
  4. Make a note of where the hex file is located, in my case, it was C:\Users\marao\SimplicityStudio\v4_workspace\cpt112s_a01_gm\cpt112s_a01_gm.hex
  5. In the cmd line tool, enter the following command

  flash8051.exe -sn TS004A566A -tif c2 -upload cpt112s_a01_gm.hex -erasemode page

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