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      • 8-bit Debug Adapters: EC3 vs. UDA-8

        Silicon_Labs | 07/182/2013 | 01:25 PM


        I received a notice about the EC3 and UDA-8 adapters.  What are these and what does it mean?



        The EC3 and UDA-8 are two types of 8-bit USB Debug Adapters.  These adapters provide the interface between the PC’s USB port and the Silicon Labs 8-bit target device’s in-system debug/programming circuitry. The 10-pin ribbon cable connects the adapter to the target board and the target device’s debug interface.

        The original 8-bit adapter is the EC3, and the new 8-bit debug adapter is UDA-8. The new adapters (UDA-8) are no longer compatible with older versions of Silicon Laboratories software. Silicon Labs strongly recommends upgrading the software to the latest versions of the Silicon Laboratories 8-bit IDE and Flash Programming Utilities, which can be downloaded here: www.silabs.com/8bit-software. The older 8-bit debug adapter, EC3, will be discontinued September 30th, 2013. Visit www.silabs.com/8bit-uda for more information.

        To differentiate between the two adapters, the UDA-8 adapters have a UDA-8 sticker on the bottom. The EC3
        adapters will either not have this sticker or have an EC3 sticker.

        Do I need to do anything if I have an EC3?

        No, the EC3 will remain compatible with the 8-bit devices and the 8-bit microcontroller studio.

        If I receive the UDA-8 in a kit, will it work with my version of the IDE?

        As long as the IDE is up to date, the UDA-8 will work just fine with the IDE.  Updated software can be downloaded here: www.silabs.com/8bit-software.

        Is there any difference in pinout between these adapters?

        No, the adapters use exactly the same interface.  More information on this pinout can be found in the related KB article or in the User's Guide found on www.silabs.com/8bit-uda.
        Update 1/6/2015: The UDA-8 has now been discontinued, and all kits are once again shipping with the EC3 debug adapters.




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