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      • Flammability Rating

        ChrisM | 02/44/2017 | 11:59 AM


        How do I locate the flammability rating product information for an 8-bit or 32-bit MCU?


        Visit the Silicon Labs Quality page and use the part number search to retrieve UL94 flammability ratings:

        1. Register for a www.silabs.com account.

        2. Go to the Silicon Labs Quality page at:


        3. You will be advised that this information is available only to registered users.

        4. Click click here to log in now and sign in to continue.

        5. Click Corporate, Product, Environmental to search all quality documents.

        6. Enter a specific part number and click the right arrow to search.

        7. Select the exact orderable part number from the search result list and click the right arrow to continue.




        8. Check General Part Related Data->Product->Flammability Rating and click the right arrow to continue.




        9. The search data results will list the UL94 flammability rating.



      • Macro Stringize Operator (#)

        Jiehui | 02/37/2017 | 01:17 AM

        The '#' may be used within a macro (#define) definition, this will convert the macro parameter into a string constant that is stored in Code space. Note that this operator may be used only in a macro that has a specified argument or parameter list.


        Here is an example for Keil C51. User should get similar result on ARM Cortex M devices with GNU ARM toolchain.