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      • Isochronous transfer support in USB Peripheral Driver Library

        Alan_S | 11/332/2017 | 06:03 PM

        When trying to do isochronous transfers with the USB Peripheral Driver Library, you may notice that the library only supports isochronous transfers on Endpoint 3 even though the device's datasheet says endpoints 1-3 support isochronous transfers.

        The device does support isochronous transfers on endpoints 1 through 3, but the library was only designed to support isochronous transfers on endpoint 3 by default. All Silicon Labs designs use endpoint 3 for isochronous transfers, so the library was built around this as well as with the idea of keeping the code simple in mind. The library can be modified to support isochronous on other endpoints, but the library does not support this out of the box.