I am looking for an Analog opamp for a 80 kHz signal.  What is the lowest power consumptiion and part from Silicon Labs?


Our op-amps have a maximum GBW of 20kHz, consuming 1uA.

The table below can be found with further details at: 


Low Power Op Amps
Part Number #Amps VDD (min) VDD (max) IDD (max) GBW (kHz) Slew Rate (V/ms) Rail-to-Rail In/Out VOS (max) Package Datasheet
TS1003 1 0.8V 5.5V 1 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV SC70-5 pdf
TS1005 1 0.8V 5.5V 1.8 20 7.5 Yes/Yes 3mV SC70-5 pdf
TS1001 1 0.8V 2.5V 1 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV SC70-5 pdf
TS1002 2 0.8V 2.5V 2 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV MSOP-8 pdf
TS1004 4 0.8V 2.5V 4 4 1.5 Yes/Yes 3mV TSSOP-14 pdf

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