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PICTURE OF THE WEEK #1. Show us your desktop 

It’s finally summer, the season of festivals, events, and free giveaways. For those who want to have our new Cortex-M4 Wonder Gecko STK together with Intersil’s DAQ on a Stick and some goody bags, we prepared a series of giveaway event until the end of August with different topics. 

For this time, we would like to see your desktop. What’s on your desktop monitor? Any interesting and energy friendly project going on?


Show us what engineer’s desktop looks like with a picture (ONLY ONE PICTURE per participant) of your desktop and a short explanation of what you were doing.

Event period:  15. – 28. July (The winners will be announced on 29. July)


# of Winners: 2


Prize per winner: 1 x Wonderful Wonder Gecko STK + 1 x Intersil Strain Gauge DAQ on a Stick + 1 x Gecko goody bag 




Our Tools Engineer, Dewald's desktop 


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  • Here's mine. 

    The red board is what I'm working on, a flight controller/IMU.  Or rather, what I'm going to replace with a new design based on an Energy Micro Giant Gecko MCU and a ton of sensors.  And yes, this is a FUN project!



  • Here is my desk, I am working on probably the worlds first USB servo for robotics, see which is designed for extremely low power, especially when the servo is holding its position, or is not in use.  Processor used is EMF32LG330F256 and is being debugged via a STK3700, includes quite a few nifty features, including a 3D accelerometer to allow the robot to determine the actual motion of servo in a limb and if it hits something.

    Targetting production be the end of the year.




  • Here is photo of my desktop, so far I haven't worked with energy micro MCU yet . I would love to try it.

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  • My home away from home! 

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  • AdamSch wrote:

    This is awesome [member='elMick']!


  • It´s hilarious moment, my tiny gecko and gecko (G8gecko?) and are going to get married with gaudi gecko (left) and dragon gecko (right). They need a priest in the wedding. And that shoud be the wonder gecko. 


    Project: using two geckos for creating a detailed generic testbench of current consumption


  • Robot Very Happy My perfectly ordered workspace

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  • DSC01124_small.jpeg

    Here you can see me (or rather my desk) while working on the third version of my KompMon project - nothing is so good in cannot be improved Robot Happy This time I'm leaving the hardware as-is, but work on the software. I'm about to move the code over to using RTX. This will simplify many things, and in the process also reduce power consumption.

    In the front you can see the current hardware - GG STK board, connected to the hardware breakout having ESD protection for the sensors (only one is connected), and a super cap for eneryg storage. The breakout is the connected to the energy harvesting board (a LTC3105 from Linear) which is powered by a small solar cell (the board delivers about 2.8V just from the desk lamp).

    On the right of the multimeter I have put the first hardware version (then using just the Gecko STK) which is much larger. The GG has just more of the peripherals I needed for that project...

    On the Computer you can see that I'm running Netbeans under Kubuntu (using Makefile builds). The EnergyAware Profiler running on the left screen actually lies when I took the photo - the board is running from solar power at that moment so the profiler measures negative current (so that means the leakeage current of the diodes on the STK is about 100nA or so Robot Happy

    Some words about the sensor: its an SHT21 (for temperature and humidity), and I made this enclosure to be able to bury it into the soil (or rather I bury it into the compost heap and dig it up from the soil a year later...).

    Apart from that there is nothing noteworthy about this setup - I have only a small desk and need to use it for both my hardware projects and my other computer work. So it gets a little crowded and messy.


  • Jiandeng wrote:

    I'm looking forward to run contiki-6LoWPAN on the EFR4D series.

    I'm learning 6LoWPAN too...

  • Hey,

    my desk at work: 


    One of my latest project is a portable, energy friendly function generator. Robot Happy


    Greetings from Germany,