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We just launched the new EFM32 Zero Gecko MCU family and now we would like to give our forum members the chance to test the fantastic EFM32 Zero Gecko starter kit (EFM32ZG-STK3200)!

This kit comes with a cool memory LCD, two capacitive touch buttons, and of course the built-in debugger and AEM system so you only need a USB port in your computer to start developing (and of course Simplicity StudioRobot Happy

How to participate:

    • Leave a single comment on this post telling us why you want to test the Zero Gecko STK 


    • Include which project you would like to develop once you get the kit




We will choose the three (3) best comments/applications, and these participants will receive the very first ZG starter kits available!

This contest ends on October 20th, 2013.

Good luck! 


  • Projects
  • Hello to All

    I would like to make a multiturn encoder (position mesurming). The main advantage of multiturn encoder , it can consider turns even when the main CNC system is powered down, and multiturn encoder must works without external power.

    For example - CNC lathe. While CNC lathe works, mills some new tool and suddenly lost power. I must be sure that when it turn power on. CNC lathe must begin to mill tool from the place where it finished. When there was no power, how CNC lathe will know, tool wasn't turned? tool at place where it was?  For this reason, I need to use power independent multiturn encoders. I think EFM32 with low power consumption will be best choice for this reason.

    Most companies offers two options. the first is very expensive based on Wiegand effect, the second a less expensive but still expensive on the basis of gears. 

    I would like to make my own multiturn encoder on EFM32ZG-STK3200, because I heard a lot of very good feedback and argued much

    about EFM32 ability work in low power consumption modes  and very much like to check and use EFM32. 

    I will use LCD for display the number of turn and angle of turn. Buttons for switching between different modes and for control.


  • I am currently attempting to build a 75MHz receiver using the SI4705 D50 product paired with a STM32, but it would be great to have the ability to have it built with all SI Labs devices.  The receiver is intended for use with RC submarines.  I am not sure if the M0+ core would have the performance needed to decode the signal, but I am always willing to give it a try!


  • what the different between  EFM32 Zero Gecko starter kit (EFM32ZG-STK3200)


     compare to STM32F1


  • Till now we have used gecko , giant gecko and leopard gecko so I would love to use/evaluate zero gecko as we are using atmel Cortex-M0+ in one of our project
  • I work at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University. We build acoustic recording equipment for monitoring birds, whales, elephants, and other animals. When we were working on the design of our next-generation recorder, we choose the Energy Micro Leopard Gecko based on its peripheral set and (most importantly) low power requirements. We would love to evaluate your latest Zero Gecko parts for use in future projects. Please send us an evaluation kit! You'd be supporting a good cause Robot Happy

    Best regards,


  • I am developing the new user interface instead of key pads for video doorphone system.

    The capacitive touch buttons may be interesting feature to our customers.


  • Hi. i am impressed with this MCU. i want to develop a Audio Codec for better enhancement of audio on MCU. i did work on Acoustic beam forming and Audio codecs so far. i want to build a new and simple design for Hearing Aids. i want to build my dream project with this kit.


  • herusudarto wrote:

    EFM32 is Cortex-M0+ for ultra low power applications. Regarding the STK - take a look at this review.

    The F1 features a Cortex-M3 and peripherals for e.g. motor control (maybe not low power?).

    What is your application target?

  • Hi,

    I would like to test drive the new EFM32 Zero kit to develop a platform

    for the Iot with environmental sensors.

    The low power capabilities of the EFM32 Zero fits very well for this platform.

    Thank you.

  • I want to use the new EFM32 Zero kit to develop a wireless reading and controlling device for a sensors network. The aim of the project is  while you are  walking through the factory certain data from the sensors are  displayed on the display of the portable device EFM32 Zero. depending on the value of these sensors you can control the system with the EFM32 Zero portable device


    Kind regards