Do you remember last year's EFM32 x-mas tree kit? Watch this video if you haven’t seen it before.



The kit was designed by three of our engineers as a holiday gift for all of Silicon Labs’ employees. I just found three x-mas tree kits from my storage and would like to give them away to our community members!

Are you interested in getting a cool x-mas tree kit? Post a picture of your work station and a short explanation of what you are working on in the comments below. Anything interesting or related to Silicon Labs’ product will be a good candidate for winning the x-mas kit. (Only one entry per participant)

The engineers who created the x-mas kit will be judges and choose three winners who will receive a kit.

Number of winners: 3
Prize: EFM32 x-mas tree kit
Contest Period: 2 Dec.2014 – 10 Dec-2014


  • Projects
  • My work desk is currently quite clean, normally its much more messy:




    There are two projects I'm currently working on:

    In the foreground there is a Zero Gecko kit - I'm about to write a road test report for Element14. To do so, I'm working on porting my KompMon project from the GG to the ZG (thats why a Simplicity IDE is running in the background). It will be running on solar power, using a SuperCap as energy storage for the nights.

    The second project (on the left, behind the power supply) is an experiment for my son. I bought a small FM receiver module and a small color LCD, and together with the ChipKit created a small FM receiver. Its missing a proper amplifier, I did not come around yet to write the LM386 on the breadboard.


  • Working on an element14 roadtest of your EFM32 Zero Gecko Starter Kit w/ Sensor Card

    Photo 02-12-14 23 33 19.jpg


    Changing the weather station example from GUI to SD logging.

  • workbench.jpg

    With all the fun stuff there is to do, sometimes you just have to work on documentation 8^(.  I'm wrapping up some testing that I've been working on for over 2 months.  Long days.  Long Nights.


    Have A Very Merry Christmas.


  • Hi,


    I have developed a USB shortwave/AM/FM radio using Si's 4735 IC.  See the photo below.



  • My lonely Christmas tree needs a greater brotherRobot wink

    I just want to try something more sophisticated to play with.

  • I'd love to play with a X-mas tree kit.


    Unfortunately I can't talk about what I am working on, but the EFM32 chips have exactly the feature set we need, like low energy peripherals, EBI and of course the energy modes.


    Here is my messy desk, as you can see I am using quite a bit of EFM gear.




    All I need is a digital Christmas tree to bring a bit of season spirit to my desk Robot wink



  • Thanks for all the great pictures and stories. Finding the three winners was difficult, but here's the list:


    1. gordonmx - Creating documentation is often an underappreciated effort. So here's a x-mas tree!

    2. hlipka - For the cool project for his son. An additional gift!

    3. Vincent_van_Bev - Here's another kit for you awesome collection! Robot Happy


    Nari will contact each of you directly to get your shipping details.


    Keep hacking and merry x-mas!