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It’s already December and the time of the year to look back on the year. The Silicon Labs team has introduced several new development kits this year to help engineers quickly build their smart & cool applications. These are some of the latest sensor and MCU kits:


UVIrSlider2EK Ultraviolet and Touchless Slider Evaluation Kit


C8051F970 MCU Development Kit


Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Demo


Biometric Sensor Expansion Card for EFM32™ Wonder Gecko Starter Kit


USB to SPI Bridge Evaluation Kit


Si7013 USB Dongle Evaluation Kit


Do you have any of them on your wish list?


If so, simply make a comment below for your chance to win a kit that you want. All you need to do is to explain what project you want to work on with the kit. We are open to any kinds of entries but it would be great if it’s related to something you can build in the next few months. 


Number of winners: 4 (Only one entry per participant)

Prize: any of the kits listed above

Contest Period: 2 Dec.2014 – 10 Dec-2014


Good luck!  

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  • I'd be interested in trying out the the Biometric Sensor Expansion Card for EFM32™ Wonder Gecko Starter Kit


    Plans: similar evaluation as I did for the Zero Gecko + Sensor board, and validating the sensor's application in sporter's safety monitoring.

  • Si7013 USB Dongle Evaluation Kit: Every once in awhile this kit appears in a drawing on SiLabs website. I’ve tried many times to win one, so maybe this will be my lucky try. I work in an environmental test lab and would like to build a DIY humidity/temperature monitor. Thank you for the opportunity and have yourself a very Merry Christmas.

  • I like to use the Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Demo to monitor and control my work environment. It should measure how much light and UV I received, and using motors open / close windows and blinds if required. The display will show how 'healthy' the environment is, taking into account all sensor data.



  • I would like to use the Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station to create weather station with internet access.
  • I'd like to build an mechanical automation system with PID on MCU Development Kit. In this system I will measure the rotor speed by special optical method and I will use this to control the motor. The operator of system specify the value of rotor speed by potentiometer or by capacitive sense. This MCU will cooperate with DC - DC buck converter.  MCU will be isolated from negative magnetic influence from the motor. This is some sketch of the idea because I will build more complex control system with a lot of sensors.


  • I would like to get Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Demo. I'm planning to create system that will control temperature and humidity in my house.Access to system will be through internet. In case of problem with high level humidity or low/high temperature - system will turn on/off external devices that let keep optimal conditions.

  • Si7013 USB Dongle Evaluation Kit:


    I would like to build a system for monitoring of humidity and temperature in Terrarium. The data coming from sensor will be logged in PC and used to view the parameters remotely. Also, the data can be used to control the equipment to stabilize environment in Terrarium.

  • I would like to use Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Demo in home brewery control system.

  • I would like to get the Si7013 USB Dongle Evaluation Kit. Currently I'm doing a Zero gecko STK road test for Element14, and I'm porting my KompMon project over to the ZG during this project. I would like to replace the SHT21 sensors I'm currently with the Si7013/Si702x sensors. That way I would have three sensors, and they are much more accurate. Also, due to their really low standby current, I can have them powered on all the time and don't need to use a power switch anymore (my solution is solar-powered, so current consumption is critical).


  • I'd love to win the Zero Gecko Starter Kit with Weather Station Demo to learn more about remote weather monitoring stations.