Are you interested in developing a project that measures heart rate via your iOS / Android app? The SENSOR-PUCK is a new development and demo platform for Silicon Labs’ Si114x Optical Sensors and Si701x/2x Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors. It also features an EFM32 MCU and a Touchstone TS3310 boost DC/DC converter for low power management. 


We would like to invite three community members who can write a review blog post about the SENSOR-PUCK to help other developers easily get started with the kit. Leave a comment below on what you want to build/test with the SENSOR-PUCK and why. (Only 1 entry per user) Our sensors team will pick winners based on relevance and creativity. 


# of winners: 3 

Prize: 1 x SENSOR-PUCK

Contest Period: 23 Feb - 6 Mar, 2015


Good luck! 

  • Projects
  • I would like to place the sensor puck at my window board (indoors and outdoors) and measure the illumination with the Si114x and send the data to my PC. Furthermore I want to power the sensor puck with a little solar cell + boost converter + gold cap and measure the gold cap voltage to compare it with the illumination. With this project I want to test how high the voltage level is at a certain light intensity. Moreover I want to send the current temperature to the PC.




  • I love the feeling of running and I run everyday for 1 hour, and then walk for 30 minutes more.

    I would like to build a body monitor.

    The Si114x optical sensor would allow me to measure the exposure of UV radiation when I run and even calculate the heart rate, pulse oximetry and other measurements. Also I would like to include skin temperature, galvanic skin response and heat generated.



  • I would like to use the SENSOR-PUCK to monitor bee hives.


    As a hobbyist beekeeper I'm always interested in what is going on in my beehives. Opening the beehive to monitor the health of my bees is not always a good idea, especially if it is cloudy or rainy. Under these weather conditions the bees are quiet aggressive and most likely sting anybody opening the hive.


    Wouldn't it be great to monitor the health of your bees by standing in front of your hive with your smart phone and getting vital data of your hive from the SENSOR-PUCK without opening the the hive and the risk of getting stung?


    Temperature data and moisture level could give a hint if the bees are breeding. An additional added microphone could give some information on predicting the swarm period (if a small FFT would fit the EFM32). Further data could be collected from an digital weighing scale to get an indication of how much honey was collected or if the bees need additional feeding.


    I see great potential in the SENSOR-PUCK as a ultra low power connected sensor platform and hope my idea of a bee hive monitor could became an reality through the utilization of the SENSOR-PUCK.









  • Hi,

    I want to use the SENSOR PUCK to do wireless climate control inside a room. The optical sensor is used to activate the The SENSOR-PUCK and deactivate when required. In addition, the humidity and temperature are measured and based on these measured values, the heating and the air conditioning are controlled to have a pleasant climate (temperature) inside the room.


    kind regards.


  • I'd like to extend my industrial automation monitoring project (based on open source middle-ware from Eclipse IoT - Kura) in order to monitor environment where some machinery is operating. Temperature and humidity are important conditions for industrial equipment. Additionally monitoring UV/Sun light may have benefits for monitoring durability of some parts. Wireless nature of this board allows to install those sensors in desired place.


    The gateway (raspberry pi with WiFi and BLE) will collect values from Sensor PUCK, analyze them locally (check thresholds, terend, etc) and send to the server in the cloud using MQTT. More on my blog...


    Best Regards,

    Tobiasz Dworak 

  • I have a small greenhouse in my garden and I'm planning to add some automatics to make environmental conditions for plants optimal and to maximize use of sun. So as a first step I will leave the SENSOR-PUCK for the whole day and night in greenhouse to collect data for Ipad of temperature, light, humidity for calculating thermal characteristics of a greenhouse. The second step will be making timetable of when and for how long to open windows of greenhouse to get optimal temperature and humidity of the air which is very crucial for plants. The third step will be programming control system for opening windows of greenhouse automatically according to timetable. In this control loop will be SENSOR-PUCK included as a sensor feedback. The use of SENSOR-PUCK is preferable because of its low power consumption and wireless data transmission.

  • Thanks for the great ideas from everyone! Here are the winners we chose:


    1. Alx: Bee hive monitor

    2. tobidi: Industrial automation

    3. wojtekss: Greenhouse monitor


    Nari will contact each of you directly to get your shipping details.


    Stay tuned for our next contest!