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Micro Tracker based on EFM32G210 MCU with

  • GPS module
  • GSM module with NanoSIM holder
  • Solar Power controller
  • Accelerometer (activity detection)
  • Flash memory
  • LEDs
  • Reed Switch
  • MicroUSB to host computer for communication and charging

General usage for wild animals tracking but possible use for child, bicycles and so on.

EFM32 MCU extra low consumption provide long time to standalone time.

Currently use microsoft azure to collect and visualize data





Source codes will be published on github.

  • Projects
  • 32-bit MCUs
  • Sensors
  • I add Energy Profile screenshorts with short descriptions (all timing reduce).

    • MCU EFM32G210F128 (powered from 3.0V).
    • Flash chip MX25L3206E.
    • Accelerometer MMA8652.
    • GPS module Quectel L70 (always backup power and on/off main power 3.2V).
    • GSM module Qectel M66 (always power off in this tests).
    • Solar panel controller LTC3105 (only moonlight).
    • USB changer not connect.
    • Serial line to host computer not connect.
    • Reed switch not activated (always off).


    1. Sleep mode - use Deep Sleep for flash chip and Sleep for accelerometer, GPS backup only (9 - 10 uA)

    Total consumption 18.5 uA

    2. MCU wakeup, makes 2 flashes with LED, set clock to 1MHz and measure activity index on accelerometer data.

    Total consumption 210 uA.

    3. MCU clock set to 7MHz

    Total consumption 542 uA

    EM0 7MHz.jpg

    4. Power on GPS (in this example w/o antenna and only for 5 seconds)

    Total consumption 27 mA but really can up to 60-65 mA (depends from GPS module type)

    5. Set clock to 1MHz, save position and other parameters to flash chip, calculate sleep interval for next wakeup

    Total consumption 325 uA

    EM0 1MHz prepare sleep.jpg

    6. And now go to sleep mode EM2 + RTC

    Total consumption 18.5 uA (with GPS backup 9-10 uA)


    To be continued...


  • STK3700 used to measure consumption and debugging.


  • Hi there,


    Competitor here for the Low Power Contest. That's an awesome project! I'd love to see this become a finished product, and not even just for wild animals, this is the kind of thing I'd like to see for house pets too, I'm curious as to what my cat actually does during the day, and where he goes. It certainly looks small enough and light enough to be put on a collar from time to time.


    One kudos to you! Good luck with the competition!

  • I make tests and Holland cat can go away from home up to 20-25 km.

    If you want i can send one device for you - you need make collar and nano-SIM card with only GPRS enable.

  • 20-25km? Now that is one amazing cat... I'm sure mine doesn't go as far. If you need a hand for betatesting, let me know! I'd love to see what this device can do Robot Happy

  • If you really wants - send your post address to

    I'll send within 1 week.

  • Also you can register on and see scheduler and device settings.

  • This is one cool project! Did you ever publish the code on GitHub?