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Hi everyone,


In this episode of my Bluetooth in Action series, we'll have a closer look at installing the SDK, and looking at an example program that comes with it. I'll briefly explain the different files, and what they are for, as well as showing a program structure. You'll see the file that contains the project definition, the hardware and Bluetooth profile files, and then the source code, and also how to use the SDK to compile a firmware.

In the next episode, we'll be looking closely at BGScript, and how to program with it.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Projects
  • Wireless
  • Is this information already out-of-date?   I navigated to download the Bluetooth Software Kit(s), and it shows that Linux is available, as well as Simplicity Studio integration for C development.


  • From what I can see, it isn't (yet) out of date. This is the link that I'm using:



    There is no mention of Linux, and the only download is an exe file. Simplicity Studio, on the other hand, does indeed exist for Linux, and SiLabs are busy creating Simplicity Studio 4 with more radio device support, especially BGLib. For the time being, I can only see Windows BGScript development files, but I'll ping a few friends at SiLabs to make sure.

  • C-SDK is out now, at least for Windows.