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We invite Silicon Labs Community members to participate in this exciting contest that you can win a Thunderboard React kit (RD-0057-0201). The Thunderboard React kit helps you easily test and prototype your own unique IoT application. The contest consists of five questions related to the Thunderboard React and 10 lucky winners who answer the questions correctly will receive a kit for free.  



How to participate

  • Answer the five questions below (Tip: Use ThunderBoard-React User's Guide)
  • Send a private message to me (@Nari) with your answers in the community by 29th August 2016. You will receive a confirmation message that you have entered the contest from me afterwards. 
  • 10 final winners and correct answers will be posted on this page in the week of 29th August. 



If there are more than 10 contestants who answer all the correct answers, we will decide the final 10 winners based on their open-ended question (Q5). Silicon Labs’ staff will evaluate the answers based on relevance and usefulness.





Q1. The Thunderboard React solution provides

1. A purpose-built solution for PLC applications
2. A highly integrated, turnkey solution for adding USB to new embedded designs
3. A battery-powered, sensor-rich solution with Bluetooth® low energy technology
4. A high-frequency, flexible clocking solution


Q2. The Thunderboard app will display available demos once it is connected to a Thunderboard React kit. Which of the following is one of the demos? 

1. Class D Audio Driver interactive demo
2. 3-axis orientation, shown numerically and visually via a 3D rendered model
3. Capacitive touch sense lunar landing demo
4. Space Invaders demo


Q3. The ThunderBoard React hardware platform contains the following features except: 

1. Silicon Labs Si7021 relative humidity and temperature sensor
2. Silicon Labs Si1133 ambient light and UV sensor
3. Invensense MPU-6500 6-axis motion sensor
4. Wizard Gecko WGM110 Wi-Fi module


Q4. Which word can be used to fill in the following blank?

The firmware for the ThunderBoard-React can be found within the Silicon Labs Bluetooth Smart SDK as a sample application. This sample application can be opened and built with the ____________ tool in Simplicity Studio.

  1. Software Examples
  2. Application Builder
  3. Demos
  4. Simplicity IDE


Q5. Give a specific example of an application that you can build with the Thunderboard React and explain why. 




By entering the contest you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Community Contest Terms and Conditions. Please review the Contest Rules below before entering the contest.

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