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We’re excited to introduce the new Wireless Xpress BGX13P starter kit, which helps you jumpstart your design with no software development necessary. Some of the key features of this kit include:  

  • Bluetooth 5 BGX13 module requiring no firmware development
  • Zero-overhead serial-to-Bluetooth cable replacement solution
  • Smartphone app for Bluetooth LE command, control, and sensing
  • Secure connections with encrypted communication, bonding, and ‘just works’ and passkey pairing options
  • Ideal solution for smart home products requiring Bluetooth control with a mobile app, and the ability to add point-to-point wireless interface to industrial applications

Want to try it for yourself? We’re giving away five Wireless Xpress BGX13P starter kits to our community members, and this is your chance to get your hands on one.

How to Participate:

Explain up to 2 ideas on how you want to use the Xpress kit for your project and why. You can submit your idea by leaving a comment below on this page by November 11th (CDT). 

Judging Criteria

Our Wireless marketing team will judge submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Market Potential (50%)
  • Differentiation (30%)
  • The fit between the Xpress kit and your project (20%)


Number of Winners: 5

Prize: 1 x Wireless Xpress BGX13P starter kit

Contest Period

Oct 22nd 2018 – Nov 11th 2018 (CDT)

The winners will be announced on this page soon after the end of the contest.

By entering the contest, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the attached Community Contest Terms and Conditions.

  • Projects
  • We have two Bluetooth applications that we would like to extend to Smartphone access.

    1. We manufacture a cell-phone sized EEG recorder that presently communicates via Bluetooth to a laptop for command, control, and data transfer.  (1000/yr)/.


    We would like to extend control to Smartphones with data only being gathered by the on-board SD Card system.

    2. I have a consultancy which manufacturers and maintains steam boiler controls for apartment buildings.  We would like to add

    Bluetooth control to the system so that operation can be monitored adjustments can be made to the the temperature profile.


  • We are working on Battery Charger/Discharger System. In Current update we already in need to control and monitor the process going on so Bluetooth is key in this process. But more than that currently we have all wired way in case we need to update end customer devices and that is complicated.

    Adding BGX13P we would like to give firmware update option directly from the phone to our devices.

    So I would like to ahve BGX13P provide easy interface only for monitoring and control but firmware update over Bluetooth.

  • I am the maintainer of the Open Source IoT/m2m framework project VSCP ( and are working on implementing VSCP BT mesh on chips from as many vendors as possible.  This kit would be the perfect part in this work.
  • Hi, I’m creating an open source BLE indoor asset tracking solution in order to monitor laptops, iPads and all client hardware in our facility’s. The access and alerts is controlled by zones/regions where the BLE beacons are allowed or denied to access. I want to use the BGX13 to serve as a gateway between the beacon sensors to easily upaste the transition power , monitor, battery and internal clock
  • Hello to everyone. We creating personal logopaedic (speech therapy) training system for children and adults, and wanting to make our sensors wireless.  If we will do this, than our system can be portable, and any speech therapist can use it with  smartphone.
  • hi,我们公司正在做BLE_MESH物联网开发项目,目前正在使用EFR32BG13P632F512GM48做前期研发测试,我非常希望能得到初学者工具包用于调试。

    1.我们配合tmall genie以MESH链接方式开发智慧家庭产品。


  • I would like to use Wireless Xpress BGX13P Starter Kit and EFM32WG Starter Kit to build an Electronic Stethoscope.
    This device will transmit heart or lung sounds through Bluetooth connection to a mobile device like smartphone or tablet. I plan to use several electret or MEMS microphones.
    Power consumption and battery life preservation are important features in the electronic stethoscope.
    The EFM32 microcontroller is the best choice for this application because has low power and high performance ARM Cortex-M4 core.
    The Wireless Xpress BGX13P board will be connected to EFM32WG-STK3800 board through the expansion header.
    Users will be able to control the device using an Android application.

  • I would like to use BGX13P in two projects.

    1. Use two (or more if possible - in star topology with one master) modules  to remote switch on/off devices after external even. Main use is in workshop to switch vacuum when current flow will be detected. As detector it should be battery power device with hall effect sensor attached to power cable of main machinery (i.e table saw) . It could also monitor how long device was used. and pass that information to mobile application.

    2. Use it as logic analyser with displaying information on mobile phone or tablet. GPIO of BGX13P would be the inputs and and application could display status of input or graph them with timeline.   

  • 1. I'd like to use the module to implement a aftermarket vehicle keyless entry system. The system would let you use a second module as a remote or your phone.

    2. Create a mesh network for installation in parking garages that tracks vehicles through the garage to establish where there are open spaces in the garage and display this on signs in the garage, and also track approximately where users park their car and report this to the user (through an accompanying mobile app) to aid in finding it later.

  • Thank you to all who participated in the contest. We will review the entries and announce the winners shortly.