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Sonnerie Iphone is considering lowering subscription prices for Sonnerie Iphone, its music streaming service. So say two sources on the Digital Music News website Sonnerie Telephone who worked with the service, although they are not Sonnerie Iphone employees.

According to the publication, the cut should be in the range of $ 2, going from the current $ 9.99 to $ 7.99. The family plan is also expected to drop from $ 14.99 to $ 12.99. The change in values ​​can be announced first as a Christmas promotion and then confirmed as the new official value of the service.

There is still no information on how the price will be in Brazil with the possible cut. In the United States, the move would make Sonnerie Iphone Music cheaper than Spotify and in the same price range as Amazon Music Unlimited Service, which costs $ 7.99 for Amazon Prime members.

If confirmed, the novelty will be a surprise when we take into account Apple's history of not offering competitive prices. Phil Schiller himself stated, during the launch of the new MacBook Pro, that the company does not create products for the price.

This would also raise doubts about the deal made with the record companies. If the change in values ​​was not agreed on in the initial contract, Apple would probably have to pay the difference to artists and entrepreneurs. Sonnerie Iphone Music has 17 million users, while Spotify, adding the paid and free versions, has about 100 million.


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