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      • Win a Wireless Xpress BGX13P Starter Kit!

        Nari Shin | 10/295/2018 | 09:31 AM

        We’re excited to introduce the new Wireless Xpress BGX13P starter kit, which helps you jumpstart your design with no software development necessary. Some of the key features of this kit include:  

        • Bluetooth 5 BGX13 module requiring no firmware development
        • Zero-overhead serial-to-Bluetooth cable replacement solution
        • Smartphone app for Bluetooth LE command, control, and sensing
        • Secure connections with encrypted communication, bonding, and ‘just works’ and passkey pairing options
        • Ideal solution for smart home products requiring Bluetooth control with a mobile app, and the ability to add point-to-point wireless interface to industrial applications

        Want to try it for yourself? We’re giving away five Wireless Xpress BGX13P starter kits to our community members, and this is your chance to get your hands on one.

        How to Participate:

        Explain up to 2 ideas on how you want to use the Xpress kit for your project and why. You can submit your idea by leaving a comment below on this page by November 11th (CDT). 

        Judging Criteria

        Our Wireless marketing team will judge submissions based on the following criteria:

        • Market Potential (50%)
        • Differentiation (30%)
        • The fit between the Xpress kit and your project (20%)


        Number of Winners: 5

        Prize: 1 x Wireless Xpress BGX13P starter kit

        Contest Period

        Oct 22nd 2018 – Nov 11th 2018 (CDT)

        The winners will be announced on this page soon after the end of the contest.

        By entering the contest, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the attached Community Contest Terms and Conditions.