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      • micrium OS Ucos III, system tick timer lost interupt.

        hung tran manh | 02/53/2021 | 03:08 PM

        Hi everyone, I have a project using Arm cortex A53 ( zyngq MP SOC Ultra+), using Xilinx SDK 2017.4, Ucos III repository 1.43.
        My device work well, and i try to use file system to read/write data to emmc, but after i use a funtion in StanderLone Library ( xilffs  file system lib, i have just used f_open  fution). the system tick timer interupts donot work, i call funtion OSTimeGet the counter doesnot increase, i check the interupt handler UCOS_TmrTickHandler() it doesnot call after i use the xilffs funtion. i get this bug for the second time, the first when i use funtion sleep() ( a basic funtion in xilinx lib). 

        i try to use the other lib system file like ucos-fs but i dont see any example for xilinx, do the ucos-fs is supported with xilinx?

        Anyone can help me plz. thanks so much.