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      • Zigbee to Modbus TCP/IP Gateway

        gettogupta | 07/195/2018 | 03:43 PM


        Zigbee to Modbus Gateway

        Fact #1 : Industrial IoT is one of the biggest slice of the global IoT pie.

        Fact #2 : Zigbee is a popular industrial communication wireless standard

        Fact #3 :  Modbus is an indispensable part of industrial automation.

        Our technical team realized this opportunity and came up with this Zigbee to Modbus TCP/IP gateway, that can act as an interface between a industrial Zigbee network and a Modbus TCP/IP or even a general TCP/IP network and hence the internet at large. 

        Naturally, when it came to selecting a Zigbee module we decided to go with the Telegesis ETRX357-LRS module, for a host of reasons. For the TCP/IP end we used the Xpico module by Lantronix. Because the Xpico comes in a general TCP/IP stack version and also a Industrial Modbus TCP/IP stack version. 

        To make the product more versatile we decided to add a ARM Cortex M4 MCU for some custom firmware and device management. To make the product truly easy to use and deploy on field we added a PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) power option. 

        Look forward to comments and suggestions from experts here on potential use cases and opportunities with the product.