Using Simplicity Studio V4, there is an RTX51.LIB error after building after adding Keil RTX51 Tiny code into my 8051 project.


How can I fix this problem?


The Keil RTX51 Tiny Real-Time kernel is included in the PK51 Professional Developer's Kit.


Using the LX51 linker, add the RTX51TINY directive to specify that the project being linked is a real-time application that uses the RTX51 Tiny Real-Time Operating System. This can be done in the Properties of the current project in Simplicity IDE: Settings > Keil 8051 Linker > Miscellaneous > Additional Flags. Finally re-build the project again.




An unlimited Keil PK51 license is provided for 8-bit Silicon Labs MCUs. Register your product and received the key to unlock your PK51 tools from Simplicity Studio > Help > Licensing or from here.

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