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Thunderboard App fails to find SLTB010A or any other SiLabs device on Samsung Galaxy A20. All permissions including the location are given. Please help resolve this issue.


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    1. Do you have the latest version of the app, 2.0.0?
    2. Can you install EFR Connect mobile app and are you able to see the board on the browser?
    3. Did you push the reset button before launching the app? The production firmware only advertises for 30 seconds after reset and if there is no Bluetooth connection it goes into EM4.
    Correct Answer
  • 1. Yes, it is the latest version.

    3. I pushed the reset button after launching the app not before.

    I also tested the app on ZTE Axon with Bluetooth 4.2 and it could find all the devices through the same procedure.

    2. I installed EFR connect and was able to see the board. After that, I tried Thunderboard and it detected the device.

    Thank you for the help.


  • Hi

    Indeed i can confirm that after installing the EFR app , the Thunderboard Bg22 is now seen by the Thunderboards Android application as well.

    Could you please explain why is this happen ?

    Thank you

    Silviu Vaintraub

    Elina Eng / Silabs distributor in Israel




  • There is no dependency between the apps. My guess is that you didn't give the required permissions when the Thunderboard app was installed, but then those permissions were given when EFR Connect was installed which got the Thunderboard app to work correctly as well.