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I'm looking for an example BGM111 that can get me close to doing something like this:


Create a custom service that has a write characteristic.  When a phone connects and write a non-zero value to that characteristic, I'll turn on an output (LED in this case).  After 5 seconds, the BGM111 itself writes zero back to that characteristic.


I'm new to BGScript, so some of the existing examples might be throwing me off track.  Wondering if someone can point me to a more targeted example or set of examples to combine.  I have a Thunderboard React that I'm trying to use this on, so it has an onboard LED.  I'd also like to write the hall effect sensor analog value into a read characteristic.




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  • Hi,


    Sorry but there is no BGScript based example that does that. You need to pick-up one of the existing demos like the thermometer and adapt it to your own use case.