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This thread is dedicated to questions about the Bluetooth SDK 2.3.0 (released March 2017). The first post (the one that you are reading right now) is continuously updated so that it contains the latest status.


If your question is not specific to this BLE SDK version (2.3.0) then consider starting a new topic instead of replying to this topic.


NOTE: patch version 2.3.1 has been released, it replaces the 2.3.0.


Bluetooth SDK 2.3.0 FAQ


What's new in SDK 2.3.0?


New features include:

* Support for EFR32BG12 and EFR32MG12 product families

* Implementation for Bluetooth 5 2M PHY feature added. (EFR32BG12 and EFR32MG12 parts)

* Switched multiprotocol support

* GCC compiler support (Beta level)

* Bluetooth 5 Advertisement Sets


This is not a complete list. For more details, see the release notes.


For more information on the switched multiprotocol, see



Where is the 2.3.0 SDK located, I can't find it?


The directory structure has changed starting from v2.3.0. Bluetooth SDK is now found under:



BGScript and NCP examples are found in:



The libraries are in:



In previous versions, the SDK was in:



GCC related questions


Note that GCC support is Beta level in SDK v2.3.0.


Is OTA supported in the 2.3.0 release with GCC?


Yes, OTA is supported. See following thread:


Deprecated features


* BGScript support will be discontinued in the next major release

* BGscript is not supported with EFR32MG12,EFR32BG12 products (even in 2.3.0)

* most of the HW related commands / events have been marked as deprecated


For more details, see the release notes.


Known issues


Bad DC/DC configuration can cause unexpected resets when using maximum TX power (which is the default setting in most examples). => FIXED in SDK 2.3.1.


- Temporary workaround: lower the TX power with command gecko_cmd_system_set_tx_power


OTA & GCC does not work when using the Gecko bootloader. No known issues when using the legacy bootloader (which is the default in BGMxxx or EFR32BG1x projects)


Update history, starting from the latest change:

* April 27 - Added note about OTA&GCC issue with Gecko bootloader

* Apri 12 - Added note about 2.3.1 patch release that is now available

* April 3 - Added known issues  - unexpected resets due to bad DC/DC config

* March 16 - Added note about deprecated features 



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  • Hi all,

    Please clarify question about Bluetooth 5 support and SDK 2.3.0:


    Bluetooth 5 support is available just for new devices like EFR32BG12 and EFR32MG12?

    Old devices like EFR32MG1P1 or EFR32BG1 ( Thunderboard sense and react)  can support Bluetooth 5 Advertisement Sets feature ?

    Any Bluetooth 5 application development guide ?

    Best regards,


  • Hi @msam,


    the BT5 2M PHY is supported only on the new EFR32xG12 devices. 


    The older EFR32MG/BG based products can support Advertisement sets and scan event reporting. Same applies to modules based on EFR32BG: BGM111, BGM113, BGM121.


    Related topic:


    There is no BT5 application development guide at the moment. A knowledgebase article about how to use the BT5 advertising sets should be avaiable soon.


  • Hi,


    How and where do I find it? Is there a download? I have tried updating Simplicity Studio but I am still stuck with 2.1.1. I was going to download the Simplicity Studio installation again but it is the same version as I already have.






  • rlkieth wrote:



    How and where do I find it? Is there a download?

    There is no separate download, the new SDK is installed using Studio package manager. Try locating it under the SDKs, see screenshot below:



    The version numbering can be a bit confusing: you need to install Gecko SDK Suite 1.0.0 which includes the latest BLE SDK v2.3.0. The wireless SDKs are organized like this because they share some common components like the emlib/emdrv libraries and Gecko bootloader.

  • Thank for the reply.


    I already have the Gecko platform 1.0.0.


    I just found it under the Stacks tab. I am sure it wasn't there yesterday.






    It seems that 'Switched multiprotocol support' requires IAR toolchain run the demo?

    Will this work with GCC in a future release?



  • Another quick question:

    Seeing that BGScript is deprecated - Is the intention that these projects should be migrated to 'C' in the future?


  • Hi,


    That's your own choice, you can go with BGScript but that will lock you to the existing SDK release. If you want to use features which will be added in the next releases you'd have to migrate your app to C.




  • HI

    I have IAR toolchain 7.5 and bluetooth SDK 2.3.0 version installed.

    I am trying to compile thunderboard official app. My changes are compiling and running(apart from multiple warnings i havn't found any serious error in compilation) but still all icons in project directory shows eclipse wrench icon . Am i doing something wrong ?


    Please find below pics for your reference.


    project explorerwrench icon

  • I have never even noticed the wrench icon. Now that you mentioned it, I noticed that I have that icon displayed on my TB sense project (building with GCC). I would not worry about it too much if the project builds without errors.


    You should update your IAR to later version. The release notes for BLuetooth SDK say that minimum required version is IAR version 7.80.2 (starting from BLE SDK 2.1.0). NOTE: do not install IAR version 8 which is the latest available. There are some compatibility issues with BLE SDK and IAR v8 that have not yet been resolved.


    If your project is working O with IAR 7.5 you can of course stick to it for now, but keep in mind that the recommendation is to use 7.80.2.

  • Hi,
          Is OTA feature now available in 'Blue Gecko' android app? I mean can I transfer the .EBL files to BGM modules directly from APP now?

    SDK 2.3.0 release notes in below link, I see "Android application with OTA support released".


  • Ravi1 wrote:

          Is OTA feature now available in 'Blue Gecko' android app? I mean can I transfer the .EBL files to BGM modules directly from APP now?


    Yes, the latest Blue Gecko app for Android supports OTA. 

  • @JaakkoVCould you please let me know how I can first upload the .EBL file into BlueGecko Android app and then transfer it from App to BGM111. Am unable to locate any of the two options. Attaching the screenshot after BGM111 resets into DFU mode.

    (This is latest Blue Gecko App downloaded from Play Store today)

  • The app does not include any update images, you need to copy those to your phone first. The app creates a directory in the phone root folder, it is named:



    Create a new subfolder inside this folder and put your EBL files there. For example:

    \SiliconLAbs_BGApp\OTAFiles\test1\app.ebl, stack.ebl


    In the screenshot that you attached, you can click the icon on the upper right corner and there should be option "OTA" in the pop-up menu.


    If you need to learn the OTA basics, have a look at this doc:


    Make sure you use the latest SDK 2.3.1. Take for example the SoC thermometer demo, it is good for OTA testing.

  • thank you @JaakkoV. It worked.